In which we welcome something familiar and there's a garden update

I am not gentle with cameras.

the replacement camera (left), the old camera (right)

I break cameras.  I lose them.  I expect them to function unimpaired.

I carry cameras in pockets, I dangle them from my wrist.  I shove them in a pack with dirt and crumbs, and then carry them for hundreds of miles that way, pulling them out into the rain to snap a few shots before cramming them back in with the dirt and crumbs, and oh, maybe a moldy carrot or two.

The red camera survived almost 3 years of abuse before the lens cover got bent somehow (don't ask me, I'm sure it had nothing to do with my careful care and the pristine circumstances of my life).  

I tried to "make do" without a camera.  I have a relatively new phone, and it takes pretty good pictures.  But the process of transferring photos from my phone to the blog is slow and clunky, and using the phone as a camera sucks up battery that I really should be saving for things like the GPS, and maybe even for emergency phone calls.

So, for about 2/3 the price I paid back in 2014, I bought a duplicate of the red camera.  And finally, I have something easy to use again!

Of course, the cat always demands to be the first subject of photos for a new camera.

"Paparazzi, they plague me."

"I know I told you to take my picture..."

"But don't take my picture."

Next volunteers: dogs.

We could brush Roo all day and never get to the end of all her Floof

Luna is, and always will be, our beauty queen

Every family has that one kid with the screwball grin.  Foxie Loxie is ours.

Since I'm out in the yard, I shoot a few garden plants.

Purple bush beans

Yukon Gold potatoes, just starting to flower

Another week and we'll have plenty of blueberries for our breakfasts

Thimbleberries are usually a wild bush, but this one has set up shop next to the henhouse

Thimbleberry flowers.  The bees love them

Leetle teeny grapes

Tomatoes, up against the barn wall

Rosemary plants under the plum tree

Strawberries just starting to ripen

We're starting to pack up gear for the annual trip to Renegade Rendezvous ridecamp.  I'm so glad I won't have to go without a camera!


  1. Hooray for a new camera! Looks like it works quite well!

  2. I've still got mine, your old one, but the focus and zoom don't work most of the time, and the lens cover doesn't always shut. But hey, it got kicked by my horse! I always have to tell people how to use it because most people just use phones I think.

    I wanted to tell you that J's mom bought me a zucchini plant against my wishes for my birthday. She put it in the cart even though I said, "I can't grow zucchini, I fail every time!" and as usual, the plant looks wonderful and healthy and gives me all this hope, but I know the thing won't have anything edible on it.

    I planted a hundred bean plants and FOUR of them sprouted. My rosemary was carefully sheltered in my greenhouse this Winter and it's just barely hanging on. Rosemary is so easy in Seattle! What we do have is a ton of ripe currants - and I don't eat those. J will have to bring them to work to share. And tiny strawberries, and some raspberry/blackberry hybrids that I gather every day, just one handful, enough to make J a milkshake.

    For some reason our plum tree is crapping sticky stuff everywhere, and millions of tiny white bugs are snowing down from it. That's new!


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